Create Feeds RSS

An indirect, but very useful, use case is the possibility of create feeds. Create as many of feeds as you want from sites that don’t have one.

When we talk about WPeMatico the word FEED is repeated a lot, basically because it is the feed that our good friend Robotiko will have, with which it will generate all the automated publication of content.

But…: What happens if we do not have a Feed on a site we want to read?

The extension Make me Feed Good allows you to create feeds from sites that do not have one; specially developed for sites that do not have copyright on their content. You must make sure of that before doing it.

With this extension, feeds cannot “go out of style” or become obsolete.

This way you can create multiple feeds of totally different sites taking the sections of your interest and generating the feeds in URLs of your site, even with the options of adding user and individual password to restrict access to their reading.