WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher is flexible

WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher is flexible – How might you use it?

Keep your site updated with autoblog

Keeping a WordPress with automated posts "as if done by a person".

Share news across sites

Automatically share news between different sites in a fast and easy way.

News Centralization

Centralization of news from different blogs to one main blog.

Moving a server

Moving the server or domain (Reading the contents from the feeds).

Moving your site to WordPress

Moving from other platforms to WP Site.

Backup posts on an Auxiliary Site

Automatically create backups of all your posts on auxiliary sites.

Publish videos to a Blog

Publish videos to the Blog from author, YouTube channel or Vimeo.

Publish Podcasts to Blogs

Automatically publish audios/podcasts to the Blog from feeds you want.

Keep the forums updated

Add forums, topics and messages to bbPress from different feeds.

Send news by email

Automatically send by email the posts fetched from feeds.

Make a public “Feeds Reader”.

Show to the public what you have in your Feed Reader.

Create Feeds RSS

Create as many of feeds as you want from sites that don't have one.

Maintain content in mobile APPs

Update the contents of a Mobile APP with data obtained from your WordPress.

Share Posts on Social Networks

Centralize and send published news or posts to social networks.

Multilingual News

Create a multilingual news site using the best translators engines.

Automate posts exports

Back up any post type to XML, CSV, HTML or predefined text files.