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This service is free and we have a large number of tickets, we want it to remain a free service and therefore we respond in periods of several days and only support tickets directly related to installation problems or use of the purchased extension(s).
Please ensure you have followed these steps before submitting a new ticket:
  1. Search for your problem in Knowledge Base and FAQs.  Use the search above to find different things as the section you are.
  2. Update WordPress, your Theme and All Plugins to the latest versions. How to Update?
  3. Check the PHP version installed on your server. WordPress requires PHP 7.2 or greater. View details here.
  4. Verify if your problem is not listed in the Common Issues and Solutions.
  5. Disable all your plugins. If the problem was fixed, then probably there’s a Plugin conflict.
  6. If you can’t see the changes on your site, clear the cache from your browser or WordPress caching plugin.
  7. If you have difficulties using the new block editor in WordPress 5.0+, install the Classic Editor or update your theme to the latest version.
Support Policy.
If you have any doubts read the Support and Contact Policy.
  1. If it is a technical support question about the WPeMatico or an addon, it is mandatory to attach the Debug File found in the Dashboard->WPeMatico->Settings, System Status, Debug File section.
  2. We don’t give general WordPress support. Use the forums for general WordPress support.
  3. We don’t provide support on 3rd party plugins which are not recommended or required, and we recommend you to disable all plugins before contacting us for support to make sure that there isn’t a plugin conflict.
  4. Customization of our plugins and other WordPress Services can be offered by our team as paid services. You can find more details on the Premium support page.
  5. If your license has expired we’ll ask you to renew it in order to receive support or updates. Visit your Account page on Licenses tab to renew your licenses.

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NOTE: The answers by email are not received.

If you need assistance for a free plugin or if is a pre-sale question, just leave the License Key field blank.

For free and paid support with WPeMatico Plugin or its Add-ons you must:

Attach the debug info file from your site.
Find it in WPeMatico > Settings > System Status tab from inside of your WordPress administration area.

If you are a Client:

Fill in your order number.  Find it in Your Account.
Fill in the license key of the main product.