Keep your site updated with autoblog

WPeMatico is an autoblogging plugin to keep your site updated “as if done by a person”. This means that, through campaigns, configured with specific feeds, it will serve you to automate the publication of posts on your WordPress site. You can go watch a TV series or take a cruise in the Caribbean while our good friend ‘Robotico’ (the digital soul of WPeMatico) publishes the posts for you on your WordPress site.

Remember that in this case of automated posts:

It’s as if a person did them. That is, it works just like WordPress posts following your standards of filters and actions.

It is organized into campaigns, which run automatically publishing your posts from RSS/Atom and XML feeds of your choice.

Remember that this plugin offers you a user-friendly interface following WordPress standards, allowing you to manage in each campaign all the feeds you need. (To facilitate the use of your site, you can get content from several feeds and organize them by categories).

This is the MOST USUAL use case and the original idea for which it was developed. 

More information about WPeMatico here: