Automate posts exports

Automate posts exports by making backups of any post type to XML, CSV, HTML or predefined text files.

Our WPeMatico Exporter extension allows you to automate posts exports to XML file types, but its template field also allows make any file type you want, like CSV, HTML, or just as text files.

You can create scheduled backups with WordPress cron or using external cron from your server. These created files can also be scheduled to be automatically sent by FTP or SFTP to where you want to save them or to be read by another application.

This is possible with the WPeMatico Exporter addon that will automatically create a backup of your selected content in the campaign to the file of your choice, it can be XML, CSV, HTML or predefined text.

The possibilities with these file types are very large. XML is used a lot for statistics or also as CSV with the possibility to import them later to Spreadsheets, Excel or as worksheets. CSV can also be used to import data to other WordPress or to move to other platforms.
HTML files can be left to display directly in a browser using static html, to create templates or whatever you can imagine.