WPeMatico Exporter

WPeMatico Exporter is a very easy to use WordPress auto-exporter plugin. Organized into campaigns, create XML files automatically from the Posts types of your choice. But its template field also allows make any file type you want, like CSV, HTML, or just as text files.

You could export just the new things or all posts (types) each time, to export/import in other sites or just like a backup.

This new plugin works in conjunction with the FTP and SFTP – SSH protocols so that you can store the exported files on the host of your choice, or you can save it on your own site in a directory exclusively for WPeMatico Exporter.

Main features

Customize the number posts per file.
Set the number of posts that will be exported per file in each execution of the campaigns.
Posts types and options are organized in campaigns.
Select as many posts types as you want and export them along with their content in XML files.
Filters applicable in the campaigns.
You can select among the available filters whether or not to include the posts that were already exported in other campaigns or also include the same and new posts always.
Format of the name of the XML files.
You can define the format of the name of the files that will be exported, the default value for the name of these files is: etruel-{$dd}-{$mm}-{$yy}. Note that the files will be listed at the end of the name in this format -1, -2, -3, -4 to achieve differentiate between the files that were exported on the same day.
External cron or WordPress cron jobs.
For maximum performance, you can make the Post types export process called by Unix or external cron job, or simply let WordPress handle it, the content exported will depend on the number of posts per file, the filters selected and the time interval established in the cron during the edition of the campaign.
Customizable template.
Configure for each campaign the default structure of the XML files that will be exported during the execution of the same.
FTP and SFTP - SSH protocols where the XML files will be hosted.
You can configure the FTP or SFTP connection through the host, the port, the user name, the password and the load path, or select the exclusive directory for WPeMatico Exporter inside your server.


WordPress 4.1+ (tested to 5.0)

To use SFTP-SSH must have ssh2 lib for PHP.net