How can I create Facebook application?

Note 1: Due to Facebook Restriction we can use the new Facebook App in HTTPS sites only.

Note 2: With the Facebook App we can only get posts from Facebook pages where you are admin and not from Facebook profiles.

Note 3: Posts can be obtained from the public Facebook pages only when the application is approved. Therefore if you want to get posts from the public pages you must submit the request for approval, please note that this can take up to 3 months.

Create Facebook App

To create a new facebook application,go to the link or

Click on each item for more details or click to display all descriptions of the steps
Step 1: Creating a New APP
Click on the “Create New App/ Add a New App” link.

Step 2: Give it a name
Enter the App Display Name and the contact email and click the “Create App ID”.

Step 3 Select a scenario
Now it will redirect to the “Select Scenario” page and in this page click the “Products +” option.

Now “Add a Product” section is visible and then click the “Set Up” button in “Facebook Login”.

Step 4: Select a plataform
Click the “Web” button.

Step 5: Add your site URL
In the “Site URL” section add your site url and save it.
(Note: You can see your site URL in the top of the WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher settings. See the below image)

Note: If the “Quickstart” page is blank and you cannot enter the domain url, please go to “Settings > Basic” section, just below the Dashboard and then click the “Add Platform” as shown below.

Then select the “website” as given below.

In this page you can add the site url and save it.

Step 6: Add OAuth redirect URIs
Click on the “Facebook Login >Settings” link as shown below.
Here enter the “Valid OAuth redirect URIs”.
Note: You can see the OAuth redirect URI in the top of the account settings in the plugin.

Please use this OAuth redirect URI in the facebook settings.

Please note that Client OAuth Login and Web OAuth Login should be is YES position.
After entering the redirect URIs, please save the changes.

Step 7: Add some more parameters
The app is created now but we need to add some more parameters to submit the app for approval. Click the “Settings > Basic” link in the menu to see the app id and secret.

In this page we can see the App ID and App Secret.

Click the “Show” button to see the App Secret. (The app secret is in alphanumeric and DON’T use ******* as App Secret.)

We also need to add the privacy policy url, terms of service url, select category etc. in this section.

For the option “Business Use”, please select “Support my own business”.

Facebook App Review

Step 8: Submit the application for approval
Here the app is in development mode. Only the developer can view the posts now.

We need to “submit the application for approval” and after the application is approved, we can do autoblogging from public Facebook pages.

The App Review Process Submission is given below.

1: Click on the “App Review > Current Request” and then the “Add additional permissions and features” link.

2: Now it will redirect to the all permissions and features page and in this we can select the manage_pages and publish_pages permissions and click on the “Request” button. (For the PREMIUM plugin we need 2 additional permissions for publishing the posts to groups – publish_to_groups and Groups API)

3: Now you can see the continue button after the request and click on it.

4. Click on each permissions and you can add the details of each item.

4 A : Details for Public Content Access

  • For the question “Tell us how you’re using this permission or feature”, please use the answer “Lets people get content and comments from a Facebook page to post on their website”.
  • For the question “Select applicable platforms and provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how a review team member can experience this permission or feature the same way people using your app would.”, please turn on the Web.
  • In the detailed step-by-step instructions, please use the detailed steps.
    A Sample detailed step-by-step instructions are given below:
    1. Go to
    2. Login as an administrator with user name: <user name> and password: <password>
    3. Go to where user has to authorize the application from the plugin’s settings page.
    4. Enter the Facebook App keys and save, then click on the button ‘Authenticate’. The “facebook login” is renamed as authenticate here.
    5. It will take you to Facebook authentication procedure.
    6. After the authentication is complete,make a post in website by following below steps,

6.1 : Go to
6.2 : Select Facebook Fetcher in the Campaign Type option, check the “Use alternative facebook pages” option and add Page URL, configure the campaign as you wish, then click ‘Publish’ button on right side.
6.3 : Run/Start the campaign.

  1. The new posts on your website will be published from Facebook.
  2. Without the Facebook “Public Content Access” permission, we would not be able to get content from Facebook Public Pages.


4 B : Complete App Verification and Settings

In this section we can provide verification details and review the app settings.

There is a test user “Open Graph Test User” by default.

Now you can review the app settings by adding App Icon, Privacy Policy URL, Category etc.

After entering the details, please save it. Now we can submit the app for review.

Accept the terms and submit. The app is now submitted for approval.

Note 1: It may take some to get the app approved by facebook. (1 week – 3 months).

Note 2: If you are getting any response from facebook saying that the “Facebook Login” option is not present in the page, please tell them the “facebook login” is renamed as authorization here and when click on the authorize button, the facebook login is executing.

Step 9: Permissions approved

Once the app get approved, you can see the permissions approved with a green bubble under the “App Review > My Permissions and Features”.

Now make the app “Live”

To make the app ‘Live/Public’, please go to the ‘App Review‘ page.

In this page please select the ‘Live/Public’ mode by selecting the ‘YES’ button and a ‘green indicator’ will display next to the app name as in the below image.

You can now use the facebook app keys in the plugin.

Now enter these keys in the plugin settings in your site.

After entering the keys in the facebook settings page, you need to “Authenticate” the account. (The authentication section is present in the wordpress plugin section).

You can see the FB pages in the WPeMatico campaign, only after authenticating FB account.

App Authentication

When you click on the “Authenticate” button, it will redirect to a facebook popup dialog box.

Step 1:

There is some warnings and you can ignore the warning and click the “OK” button.

Step 2:

In the step 2 click OK and the authentication is complete.

Now you can see all your fb pages and you can select the fb page or add some public page URL to autoblogging.