What is WPeMatico?

What is wpematico?

What is WPeMatico?

WPeMatico is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically import content to your website from external sources such as websites, RSS feeds, social media, and more. With WPeMatico, you can schedule the import of content at regular intervals, which means you can have fresh and new content on your website without having to do it manually.

How does WPeMatico work?

WPeMatico works very simply. First, you need to install and activate the plugin on your website. Then, you need to create an import campaign that includes the source from where you want to import content, the categories where you want it to be published, and the keywords you want to search for in the imported content.

Once you have set up your import campaign, WPeMatico will automatically import the content from the source you have specified in the campaign. You can schedule the import to take place at regular intervals, such as every hour, every day, or every week.

WPeMatico also allows you to customize the imported content. You can filter the content by specific keywords, categories, or tags. You can also add prefixes or suffixes to the titles and descriptions of the imported content.

In addition, WPeMatico has a duplicate detection feature that prevents the publication of duplicate content on your website. If the imported content is similar or identical to other content that has already been published on your website, WPeMatico will detect it and not publish it.

Another useful feature of WPeMatico is its ability to import images and attachments. You can configure the plugin to import images and attachments from the source and automatically add them to the imported content. You can also customize how images and attachments are displayed on your website.

WPeMatico also has an automatic translation feature that allows you to import content in different languages and automatically translate it into your preferred language. This feature is especially useful if your website has an international audience and you want to publish content in different languages.

You can take a look at all its features by going to WPeMatico.

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In summary, WPeMatico Perfect is a valuable tool for any website that wants to automatically import content from external sources. With its easy setup and scheduling, you can have fresh and new content on your website without having to do it manually. In addition, its customization, duplicate detection, image and attachment import, and automatic translation features allow you to have full control over the imported content and how it is displayed on your website.