1. How to set up EDD Dropshipping Client?

This tutorial describes and explains how to set up the EDD Dropshipping Client, available here.

Create your API Keys and Set up your Payment Gateway

1- Log in to the WordPress Admin Panel of your provider, and go to the “Downloads” menu in the left panel -> My Dropshipping.

2- Create your API Keys automatically by clicking on the Generate your API Keys button.

3- Go to the Payment Gateways tab, select your preferred gateway, and add your credit card details.

Set up your Dropshipping Website

1- Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel, and go to the “Downloads” menu in the left panel -> Settings.

2- Go to the Dropshipping Client tab.
In this tab there are two (2) types of configurations, Servers Settings and Sync Settings. We will explain each one below.

Servers Settings
  • Add the servers you want to enable to automatically sell.You must add your API Keys to be able to perform Dropshipping on your website.
  • Import products.You must click on the button “Import downloads” to import the products from the Dropshipping Server and save them on your site
  • Remove servers.Use the “Remove” button to remove the servers you do not want to use.


Sync Settings
  • Sync your downloads and events from the servers.You can do this manually or setup a CRON job to do it automatically every so often.