1. How to set up EDD Dropshipping Server?

This tutorial describes and explains how to set up the EDD Dropshipping Server, available here.

1- First, log in to your WordPress Admin Panel, and go to the “Downloads” menu in the left panel -> Settings.

2- Go to the Dropshipping Server tab.
In this tab there are two (2) types of configurations, General Settings and Stripe Settings. We will explain each one below.

General Settings
  • Select your preferred payment gateways.You can select the payment gateways you need to process the purchase when a sale is made on the Reseller site.
  • Set the earning rates for product sales and license renewals.The earning rates you set can be reconfigured for each client.
  • Allow users to create their API Keys.This is optional. If you enable this option, you can select the roles through which users can create their API Keys .

1. How to set up edd dropshipping server? - dss settings


Stripe Settings
  • You must add your Secret and Publishable Keys.You can find these Keys in your Stripe Account Settings. It’s important to use the same Keys used in the edd-stripe extension if you have it installed.
  • You must configure your Stripe webhooks.In order for Stripe to function completely, you must configure your Stripe webhooks.

1. How to set up edd dropshipping server? - dss stripe 1