How do I activate my license keys?

Once you have purchased the add-on(s), follow these steps:
  • Download the add-ons from your account or from the download links in the purchase notification email.
  • Upload and install them on your WordPress plugins page.
  • Activate them on the WPeMatico Add-Ons page (subitem of “Plugins” in your WordPress menu).
  • Go to “Settings”, to the “Licenses” tab, and you will see the new input fields for your license keys.
  • Paste the keys and then click on the activate button (you may have to do this twice).
  • If you don’t see a button to submit, just insert the license key in the field and press Enter.


If you purchase the PRO bundle product, you’ll receive three license keys.  Be sure to use the correct ones:

Example: After purchasing, you’ll receive a receipt with the license keys as follows:

WPeMatico PRO – License for two websites: 75xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7d
(Not used in the licenses screen; this is only used for renewals on

WPeMatico Professional – License for two websites: 9cfxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0xxa8
(Use this key for the WPeMatico Professional add-on)

WPeMatico Full Content – License for two websites: f8dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxb88bc
(Use this key for the WPeMatico Full Content add-on)