Publish 2 Email allows to send the read posts from each campaign to an email account.

This Add-on allows to use WPeMatico from a WordPress website and to send the read posts from each campaign to an email account.  Each campaign allows sending content to different email accounts. Therefore, it can post from a unique website with WPeMatico plugin to many different WordPress websites.

  • As it does not post locally, it improves the performance and reduces the server load in both websites.

How it works

Posting 2 Email adds a metabox to each campaign in order to systematize the post entries.

Publish via email metabox

The Add-on will use the whole campaign data to obtain the content to be published automatically.  But now the posts will be sent to an email address -set up with the plugin used in destiny website- that will read and publish them on the blog and you can decide if also publish the entries on your local blog or not.


  • Allows activate o deactivate local post entries when sends remote post entries via email.
  • Allows to send the posts to different email addresses configured by campaign.
  • Allows different configurations in emails content to use various clients or WordPress plugins on target website:
    • WordPress post via email.
    • Postie plugin.
    • Jetpack Post by Email feature.
  • It does not modify the plugin behavior.  It just sends an email for each entry to be published.
  • Include a coupon to get for free the WPeMatico SMTP add-on.


  • As WPeMatico Add-on requires WPeMatico base plugin installed and activated.
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • An email account where to send the emails with the posts.

Works with Professional, Better Excerpts and Full Content add-ons but there are not required.