Wpematico publish 2 email - wpematico p2email

Publish 2 Email allows you to send the posts obtained in each campaign to an email account.

This add-on allows you to use WPeMatico from a WordPress website to send the posts obtained in each campaign to an email account.

Each campaign allows you to send the posts to an email account. Therefore, you can publish from a single website with the WPeMatico plugin to many different WordPress websites.

Publish 2 Email will use the campaign settings to get the content that will be published automatically, but now the posts will be sent to an email address, then on the destination website you can use some automatic service (WP via Email, Postie or Jetpack) that will take care of reading and publishing them on the blog.



The following diagram is a representation of the Publish 2 Email addon workflow for WPeMatico.

Wpematico publish 2 email - p2e workflow en 2



Avoid inserting the posts in your blog
You can avoid that the posts obtained in the campaign are published in your own site and only sent remotely by email.
Improves Performance
By not publishing the posts locally, it improves performance and reduces server load on both websites.
Sender's Email
Sets the sender’s email to be used by default when sending emails.
Send to Different Emails
Set a default destination email or change it in each campaign to send the posts to different addresses.
Email Formats
Choose between different content formats to send the emails, you can choose between:
– WordPress post via email.
– Postie Plugin.
– Jetpack Post by Email feature.
Read the posts on the destination site
Use several WordPress clients or plugins to get the posts from the email and insert them into the target site according to the format, using WordPress post via email, Postie Plugin o Jetpack Post by Email feature respectively.
Does not change the plugin's behavior
Publish 2 Email does not modify the behavior of the plugin, it simply sends an email for each post obtained in the campaign.
Discount Coupon
Includes a coupon to get the free WPeMatico SMTP addon.
  • As WPeMatico Add-on requires WPeMatico base plugin installed and activated.
  • PHP 5.3 or higher.
  • An email account where to send the emails with the posts.