WPeMatico ESSENTIALS (monthly) is our new monthly membership, you’ll get to test WPeMatico Essentials for one month, which includes the WPeMatico Professional and WPeMatico Full Content addons.

Price: $12.00

A powerful cache plugin which optimizes the websites speed thanks to processes and technologies that reduces the overload of the websites where it is installed, improving the velocity till 10x comparing with other cache plugins for WordPress.

Starting at: $39.00

Googlo News addon allows to parse each Google News feeds item’s link, simplify the content fetch workflow by reducing redirections and preserving the authenticity of the original news sources.

Price: $12.00

The 10 most used addons for WPeMatico included in this WPeMatico Premium membership and all of this with more than the 60% of discount!

Starting at: $499.00 $199.00

This addon bases its work on renumbering all complete orders, establishing an individual numbering per payment gateway or a unique sequence for all of them from the beginning or from a specified date.

Starting at: $63.00

PolyGlot is an addon that lets you select the original language of articles in a WPeMatico campaign so you can translate them to one of the 107 supported languages before inserting them in your WordPress blog. It can work with any other extension and translate after processing the contents.

Starting at: $69.00

Payment gateway for Easy Digital Downloads and Restrict Content free and Pro, it allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments for purchases through your site using Coinbase Commerce.

Starting at: $89.00 $63.00

AddOn and single plugin, WPeMatico Better Excerpts makes the excerpts with first sentence in post content and other filters to get nice and better excerpts in front end and/or feed contents.

Starting at: $47.00

Add-on to use WPeMatico to send the read posts from each campaign to an email account. Each campaign allows sending content to different email accounts.

Starting at: $48.00