Copyright Infringements FAQs

Regarding this topic, it is worth clarifying: There is nothing illegal about the software.

Remember this is very important: The use of WPeMatico to access RSS feeds is subject to the terms and conditions of each RSS feed, therefore, to the terms and conditions of their creators.

There are many companies that mention in their policies that their content is restricted and that they have a copyright on it. Some include in this also their feeds, but others do not.

You can ask the owners for permission to share their content as a marketing contribution. But if someone notifies you about the owner of the contents, then remove the posts from your site ASAP.

Many times is allowed if you can change the image or part of the content so it is different. It is always well seen to put the original source at the end of the published posts. (

Also, many companies or blogs with news have free content or do not say anything about it in their policies, allowing its use freely.

Another case I have seen is that there are several companies that sell news through feeds with content and use WPeMatico to publish them automatically.  You can acquire a license from them to purchase their news.

In my case, I recommend put in the policy that the site publishes news taken from other websites, for example if someone had a problem with the content, they would contact me as the owner of the site and that content would be removed.
I have created several campaigns with many sources and have only received complaints 2 or 3 times and have only removed those posts and feeds from the campaigns to fix the problem.

In any of these cases, it’s important that if you have concerns about a company, contact them and ask them to see if they will allow you to use their content.

And, of course, look for other sites to get news from. If the source website has copyrighted content, you should ALWAYS opt for other websites for public content.