eBay Campign Type Tutorial

Set up the campaign to publish products on your site in just 5 steps and use it with WooCommerce!

In this tutorial we will try to explain how to set up a WPeMatico campaign to create Posts or Products on WooCommerce with products from eBay in just 5 steps.

Step 1 – Change the campaign type.

Select the camping type “eBay Fetcher” and the post type “Products”if you want all the publications that will be created on your site to be Products.

Ebay campign type tutorial - campaign type

Step 2 – Configure the options.

Mainly you must configure the metabox options “Ebay feeds for this campaign” inside the WPeMatico campaign, you must choose a program, the feed type, 1 or more categories and establish the keywords of your preference.

Ebay campign type tutorial - ebay

Step 3 –  Generate feeds

Click on the “Generate Ebay Feed” button to create the feed with all the parameters you configured previously.

Ebay campign type tutorial - created feed

You can create as many feeds as you want with different configurations for each one.

Ebay campign type tutorial - created feeds

Once created the feeds you can use the browser of your preference to view it, for example in Mozilla Firefox you can visualize it in this way:

Ebay campign type tutorial - feeds


Step 4 – Use the custom fields

Use the custom fields of our Professional addon to add template variables to the products, {ebay_price} | {ebay_end_at}

Ebay campign type tutorial - ebay custom fields

Step 5 – Run the campaign!

Once you have finished configuring the campaign options, you will be ready to execute it, and also you can also configure the CRON so that it runs every certain period of time.