How to get content from Google News feed?

The WPeMatico free version works with these feed contents like any other feed.

Google News or Google Alerts are special feeds because they show articles from many different websites. Google News works with many websites at a time, getting the contents from them to make their feeds, and each site is different.


The Professional Add-on cleans the URLs for Google News by checking the optionĀ  ā€œSanitize Google News permalinkā€ in the campaign editing screen.

The Full Content Add-on works automatically for almost all sites.Ā  If it fails with a website, you can make a config file for that domain by pointing to where the full content is.Ā  There are many websites that don’t need a config file, but it will be necessary for others.Ā  The Full Content add-on will try to detect the correct content for all the articles in each source site, but can be erratic for some of them.

So, the add-on will work with many of the websites, but may not work for others. For these sites, you will need a custom config file for each one, because the plugin goes to each source website to take the full content. If you see which websites they are, you could make a config file for each one in the WPeMatico Settings screen -> Full Content Tab. Take a look at the examples and the Help tab to see the basic instructions and learn how to make a config file for a website.Ā  Or, you can order a premium support serviceĀ so we can do it for you.