How do Custom Titles work?

After activating this option, you can create “custom titles” for the posts in a campaign.

In the campaign editor, you will find the section “Custom Title Options”, where you can define the custom titles for the campaign posts of your choice.

How do custom titles work? - custom title2

Strip HTML Tags from Title: You can check this option to delete all HTML tags that are found in the title.

Enable Custom Post Title: After checking this option, you can enter a title for each post in the field “Custom title for every post”, and all posts will be named with the title that you have defined in this field. After this, you’ll be able to use {title} and {counter} and it will be replaced in the title.

If you do not use {counter} and mark the option below, the counter will be added to the end of the title by default.

For example: ‘New post: {title}’

You can add an extra filter to verify duplicates by Custom Post Title.

You can add a counter to the post title.

Enable delete till the end starting from some characters: Remove all characters after some characters or words. Separate all words with space.

Cut at: You can set a value and cut the title at X letters without strip HTML, if Words are selected just if the title is bigger than X Words, then it is converted to text (strip all HTML tags) and cutted at X Words, after that if is in a middle of html tag, will run a function to close the tags.