Some tips to get better performance


If you want to create many campaigns, I recommend just one or two feeds per campaign. You can test each campaign to see its behavior and the time that it takes to execute it.

For the Campaign Options metabox:

Try to use a minimal value in Max items to create on each fetch field to avoid timeouts and to reduce the execution time of the campaign.¬† You can run¬†the campaign more often so that you don’t miss items.

For better and faster performance, you can try checking Avoid search redirection to source permalink, and see if the campaign works well with the content and permalinks by running it manually one time.

CRON Settings:

Try to establish a time difference of at least 5 minutes in each campaign to avoid running them at the same time.

Another good option to do is use an external CRON from your webserver admin cPanel.  Find the instructions in your WPeMatico Settings.

WPeMatico Settings:

Continue Fetching if duplicated items are found : It is strongly recommended that you deactivate this option to get better behavior. See how this option works here .


Full content: This feature needs a lot of resources, so I recommend that, when you can use almost all data from the feed, take it from there.
In other words, if the feed has the full content in its items, don’t check “Get full content from source webpage”. This will avoid a lot of wasted resources if you have many campaigns.

I also recommend that you deactivate these options from the Full Content metabox:

If the source webpages don’t have articles with multi-page, then uncheck:
Searches for multi-page articles

If titles are in the feed items by default, then uncheck:
Get title from the source webpage

If the dates are also in feed items, then uncheck:
Get date for the post from the source webpage

The Author is normally just a nick. You can set it in your Campaign Options and uncheck:

Get the Author from the source webpage

Also, this item takes a lot of resources because if the authors don’t exist in your WordPress, WPeMatico will create it, which takes time and resources:
Create Author if it does not exist


[more tips will be added in the future]