Tutorial on how to create a feed page

I will do an example creating a feed for www.wpematico.com.

WordPress and plugins are installed.
I’m going to use the plugins WPeMatico, the Addon WPeMatico Full Content and Make Me Feed (Good)

    1. I’m going to the administration of WordPress.
    2. WPeMatico Settings-> Full Content Tab.
    3. I modify the wpematico.com.txt configuration file to get the content I want.
    4. I’m going now to the list of Feeds created (none yet) and I give click to Add Feed.
    5. Typing “WPeMatico.com test” as a title.
    6. I add the index URL of the site which I will read the titles and links of remote items.
    7. I added the maximum number of items that I want to get. Others will be ignored.
    8. As I have installed the Addon WPeMatico Full Content, check the option to get the full content of each article: “Get Full Content from source permalinks to use as feed item content.”
    9. I open the remote site in a new tab, by clicking on the link to the right of the text field.
    10. Now we need to find the element in the DOM that contains titles with a link to the article. I come to find classes or IDs CSS containing the element:
      • Using Firefox (in chrome is very similar), give right click on any of the titles that I want to get, and in the drop-down menu on “Inspect Element“.
      • Looking for the id or class of the HTML tag surrounding the link, in this case the code that interests me is as follows:
      • <h2 class=”entry-title” itemprop=”headline”>
        <a href=”http://www.wpematico.com/set-images-featured-wpematico/” rel=”bookmark”>Get and Set Images as Featured with WPeMatico</a>
      • I will use what is in red to obtain what is green: as “a” label does not identify or CSS class, I’ll use the “h2” that contains it.
      • wpematico_title_classClick to open image in new browser tab.
      • The identifier for this element is found with the “entry-title” starting with a “.” for being a class. (If it’s id is added “#“) and the identifier in the same way that is done with jQuery, we will add it in the next field in the edition of the feed:
        .entry-title a
      • If there are more titles with different format, I can continue to add IDs and they will be adding to the list by eliminating the repeated links.
    11. It is almost ready! It remains to be seen if I was not wrong to choose the identifier. For this I have the button “Test Area” used after recording the data, in this instance I can save the feed as a draft for not doing this public yet. When you click on the “Test Area” button will open a popup with a sample of what you will get in the final feed.   The first time may take a bit to load data from the remote site because you do not have generated a cache but then it goes faster.
    12. To see the final Feed I can open “View post” or click on the “Preview Changes” button.final_feed
    13. Two ways to get the feed permalink:
      After save the feed.

      In the created feeds list, on over it title you’ll see the quick action: View.