Million downloads

A benchmark in our history

This June has been an intense month, full of celebrations for the whole WPeMatico family. With great pride, we have reached a phenomenal milestone: One Million Downloads! This achievement not only marks a benchmark in our history, but also reflects the trust and continued support of our community of users and customers; as well as our efforts to offer these tools to facilitate the automatic maintenance of the content of their sites to the entire giant global community that makes use of WordPress. (It’s amazing to think that 70% of the internet uses WordPress).

A Journey from the beginnings to the Million Downloads

Our journey with WPeMatico started before the founding of Etruel, when we entered the WordPress world in 2004 and brought the WPeMatico plugin to life in 2005. The evolution continued with the launch of NetMdP in 2009, offering innovative web solutions from Argentina.

But later the growing demand and our unwavering passion for WordPress development, led us to launch and put on sale a professional version to help further develop, maintain and innovate also the free plugin. Then came Etruel Developments LLC extending the capabilities of WPeMatico core with many professional and specific extensions.

This innovative impulse has accompanied us until today, ending the month of June with the month of celebration of the achievement of One Million Downloads!

Thanks to everyone!

We want to extend a special thank you to all of you, our users, customers and friends who have made this journey possible, thank you for choosing WPeMatico and for growing with us!

Know that this is not over! We can’t say it’s just beginning, but we are going for much more and we hope you will continue to be part of it!

The giveaways

To commemorate this event, throughout the month of June we successfully raffled off incredible prizes from our store, all at the symbolic price of $1.

Here is the complete list of prizes (valued at $1000+) and the lucky winners:

  • 3 ESSENTIALS Membership Winners – $378: Solsisacademy, Anthonymoat & Onoricardo
  • PREMIUM Membership Winner – $199: Tlahuac
  • PLUS Membership Winner – $149: Warren
  • 2 WPeMatico Professional Winners – $126: Krishna & Fistwerk
  • WPeMatico Synchronizer Winner – $63: Faquick
  • WPeMatico Manual Fetching Winner – $49: Aleksey
  • WPeMatico Better Excerpts Winner – $47:**en

An email was sent to all of them with instructions on how to get their prizes. If you are one of the winners and have not received it, please check your Spam folder and/or create a support ticket on stating the problem, so we can help you.

Latest updates of WPeMatico and its addons

The recent updates to WPeMatico Free Core and the Professional addon are already making their mark in the community. Since their release several weeks ago, we have received enthusiastic feedback on how these enhancements have optimized your workflows and enriched your projects.

In addition, the launch of new addons such as Googlo News and the soon-to-be-released free RSS Feed Reader campaign type plugin that further extend WPeMatico’s functionality are a testament to our commitment to progress and adaptability, ensuring that WPeMatico remains an indispensable tool in the autoblogging ecosystem and WordPress in general.


This month of celebration has been a reminder of how far we have come and how exciting the future is ahead of us. Thank you for being part of our story and for helping us reach One Million Downloads!

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