Setup Facebook Fetcher

Facebook Fetcher is updated to continue working with all the availability of Facebook, this addon allows you to get posts from the pages or groups where you are administrator, in addition to this you can get posts from the Facebook public pages only when the application is approved, at this time you can see the last changes of the FB versions at:

To create a new facebook application, go to the link or

On this FAQ, you can find a tutorial made with screenshots, and at the end you can see a form to get the Access Token using your App keys:

This tutorial describes and explains how to set up the Facebook Fetcher, available here.

Setup Facebook Fetcher

1- Log in to the WordPress Admin Panel, and go to the “WPeMatico Settings>Facebook Fetcher tab”.

2- Add the App ID and App Secret,and then authenticate your App by clicking on the Authenticate button.

3- Once authenticated, you can create/edit a campaign by selecting the Facebook Fetcher campaign type, then select the page of your preference.

4- Publish the campaign by clicking on the Publish button located on the right side of the campaign.

5- Run it.

Is your App approved?

If your App is approved you can get posts from the Facebook public pages, in the campaign edition you can activate the “Use alternative facebook pages” option and add the URL of the page of your preference.