WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher

Add-on for WPeMatico plugin.

wpematico facebook fetcher

Adds the feature to get all published status in Facebook as Post (types) in your WordPress blog


Facebook Fetcher Add-on allows to use WPeMatico in a WordPress website to get all published status in Facebook as Posts (types) in your WordPress blog.

You can import also the comments in facebook with the names of the commenters to your site in every post.

Screenshot of a campaign with required fields of Facebook Fetcher Add-on


  • Imports messages, photos, videos, events and links from statuses of Facebook Groups or Pages.
  • You can get from all pages/groups as you want, just adding one WPeMatico campaign per facebook page/group.
  • Very easy auto-identification of Page ID and Group ID by filling the field with the URL.
  • Also imports ALL the images in the status in big size.
  • Also imports the prices and places of the posts of the products from the Sale Groups.
  • Adds two new tags in the Post Template feature to insert into the post content the price and the place of the product.
  • You can import also the comments in facebook with the names of the commenters to your site.
  • You can set exactly when must run by setting the scheduler in the WPeMatico campaign.
  • Duplicates control.  You can allow duplicates if you set the option in WPeMatico Settings.

If works together with the Professional addon extends:

  • Allow to filter by #hashtags to include or exclude posts.
  • Allow to create Tags from Facebook contents.
  • Adds two new tags {fbf_price} and {fbf_place} in Custom Fields of Professional addon to set as the Value.


How it works

Fill the Page ID or the Group ID with the URL of your facebook page/group.

Make a Facebook APP for that Group/Page and use its credentials to fill App ID and App Secret fields, or use the Facebook Access Token.

The Add-on will use the whole WPeMatico campaign data to obtain the content from Facebook to be published automatically.

Uses the WPeMatico filters and parsers for the obtained content.


  • As WPeMatico Add-on requires WPeMatico base plugin installed and activated.
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • Works with Professional and Better Excerpts add-ons but there are not required.