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Hello! Happy 2023 to all of you. How fast time goes by, we are already finishing February! 

And that’s why we want to tell you that we have started a new year working full time with the whole Etruel Developments team. And as we had announced in our networks and last posts, a couple of weeks ago came the long awaited moment of the launch of our new FREE plugin for WordPress. 

The super accelerator for WordPress already has a name and it’s called Flash Cache, also it is now available in the official WordPress repositories. 

In its new totally FREE version, which you can GET HERE, you can find many powerful features that will help you to improve the performance and speed of your entire WordPress site.

Some of the features of Flash Cache FREE are:

  • Compatible with the most important Servers.
  • Infinities configurations by patterns.
  • Improve performance and server overload.
  • Manages the cache in the web browser.
  • If you want to know more about this amazing new plugin visit https://flashcache.net/
We have also decided to release the new PRO version for ALL users who have purchased the old Flash Cache.

It is also worth noting that not only this free version of Flash Cache has been released, but we have also decided to release the new PRO version for ALL users who have purchased the old Flash Cache. They will receive the upgrade to the NEW Flash Cache PRO at no extra cost and can find it in their account on our website.

We have thought of this paid professional version of Flash Cache as not indispensable, but practical additions to improve the plugin in the deeper and more intuitive use of it.  In this way it will serve as an incentive for all those who want to contribute to the continuous development of Flash Cache and for us to continue improving it indefinitely.

Some of these improvements include:

  • Minify CSS and JS: Adds options to minify CSS and JavaScript files during the caching process.
  • Easy Cache Deletion: Add a new quick action in the Posts (types) list to clear the cache of the post you want using AJAX.
  • Avoid cache for each Block or Widget: Add an option in Blocks or Legacy Widgets to prevent them from being cached.

You should also know that our team will keep working on NEW FEATURES to continue enhancing the Flash Cache FREE & PRO plugins, to keep improving the performance of your WordPress sites.

To find out ALL about the PROfessional add-on visit https://etruel.com/flash-cache-wordpress-plugin/ 

To GET Flash Cache FREE:

To acquire Flash Cache PRO:

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