How do I change the number of words in the post title?

By default, Facebook posts do not have titles. So, the Facebook Fetcher extension takes and cuts the title of the posts in the first 10 words of the content to leave it as an intro to the post. As of version 3.1 we have added a filter to allow you to change the number of words included.

We have also made it compatible and integrated the “Custom Title” feature of the Professional addon, now the titles obtained by Facebook Fetcher can be modified.

Enable custom title feature

First you must have installed and activated the Professional addon to enable the “Custom Title” feature from WPeMatico>Settings>Professional tab.

Then, inside each campaign, in the “Custom Title” metabox you will be able to change title length, in words or characters, you can also add extra content at the beginning and/or at the end of each title, add a counter and more.

How do i change the number of words in the post title? - custom title pro