What is a membership or product license ?

Each membership or almost all products include a License to get all updates for one year.  It is represented as a License Key that must be filled in the plugin configuration.

Regular licenses are valid for 12 months. This means that updates will be provided for 12 months from the date of purchase. Then you must renew the license for 70% of the original value to continue receiving updates.

If you do not want to continue with updates after that year, you can cancel your automatic subscription at anytime to manually renew it in the future and you can still continue to use the plugin. Although it will probably fail after a while due to WordPress or other technology updates, but in the meantime it is not illegal to continue using it.


Some products have at least 2 licenses for the minimum price. You can consider the second license as a gift for a test or development website. There is no lower price for a single license.

Take a look at the article: https://etruel.com/software-licensing-for-automatic-updates/

And also our Terms & Conditions.

Subscription or active licenses are not related to our technical support. At Etruel we offer free support with our ticketing system either for our free products or for the paid ones we offer on the site. Any bug in the plugin will be solved for free and the fix will be included in a later released version.

Finally if you have difficult configuration issues that you can’t solve with the free tickets, you can access our premium support service.