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We continue working hard to improve all the services and products we’re offering to our community.

In this post we want to let you know about the new areas and new services offered in our website. In addition to improvements in the general design with the aim of providing the most comfortable experience to users, plus the updates of our plugins and addons to allow continue enjoying them.


New Affiliate service, the “etruel Seller” Program

The Affiliate program runs as a large network of virtuals business, this is an opportunity to become a promoter of our products to win important commissions, that’s why presents its new affiliate program where the people can work with us in order to promote and sell our plugins to make money through commissions on sales.



The FAQs are an information tool that allows manage more effectively the concerns of customers or the users avoiding the creation of support tickets as also the waiting time for the answers; for this reason has been improved the FAQs page, by creating a new interface a lot easier and organized by categories and subcategories for our customers and users can find the solution that are looking for, in the easiest way, fast and simple.


My Account was renamed to Member Area

The profile called “My account” was renamed as “Member area“, because here you will find all the information, and also the user data and access to all their custom sections. The interface has been modified by adding a sidebar on the left side to display more information for the user profile, personal data and common accesses, also the latest news and all the sections divided into tabs at right: Their license keys, renewals, links to download their purchases, administration of subscriptions and also their history of purchases, support tickets etc.


WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher 2.1.1

WPeMatico is our main plugin in which we continue to work hard to improve it in each release. Since version 2.0, we began to improve the standardization to add new language files to the plugin. After the launch we have been contacted from China to establish an alliance with us and start promoting the plugin also in that language. We are very pleased with this initiative and in this new version we have managed to add Chinese to the plugin, already prepared also for our addons more important WPeMatico Professional and Full Content.

Currently Chinese is one of the most important languages around the world, so we are extending the possibilities of use to all our customers and users of that region.

In this new version also performed various improvements which could highlight the feed tester, showing more data of the proven feed and the character code of the feed. Also were solved some problems of tags in the post template of the campaigns, and also were fixed some small bugs found in previous versions that are reporting thousands of users who use our plugins.


WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher 2.0.1

Facebook has been facing problems of privacy in the last months as a result of the unlawful use of data by a large number of users of the social network, as a result, Facebook decided to take measures to restrict the amount of data that developers can use for their applications.

These measures produced several related changes its privacy policy, about their API events, groups and pages, and Facebook Login used to access the applications. That’s why we have been forced to modify our addon WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher and currently can’t access to groups as it did before because Facebook no longer allows and has restricted its API. However it continues to work with the possibility of access to the pages of the administrators users for sharing your content.


eBay Campaign Type 1.1

WPeMatico eBay Campaign Type is an extension to WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher that allows to obtain products of ‘eBay’ using the eBay Partner Network and the advantages that it offers. It will bring automatically all the categories and data from eBay to generate the feed necessary for use in the WPeMatico campaign and then take those articles and publish them as posts or also, if you use it with the Professional extension, it can publish as products from WooCommerce on your own WordPress site. In this new version there have been various improvements, among them we have added a new WP filter to allow changing the default content of the posts by external code, no need to modify the plugin.


WP-ISPConfig 3

The first version of WP-ISPConfig was launched several years ago and is the first plugin developed for WordPress to remotely manage some features of ISPConfig 3 open source – Hosting Control Panel. Having as main objective simplify the creation of a customer and all the necessary steps for the creation of a Web site in a single step.

The 3 version include advanced enhancements for remote management from inside WordPress to a web server using this ISP-Config as hosting admin panel. Among new options are the possibility to choose between the existing connection SOAP or the new REST API recently added by the ISPConfig developers.

This version also added the ability to select independent services to create the remote site, FTP, DB, DNS, etc. being these selectable when creating each site. A new characteristic very important is the ability to add new sites to existing customers, feature that didn’t had the previous plugin. And also the new option to add domains alias.

WP-ISPConfig is a free plugin that you can download from the WordPress repository. 😉




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