Do you need or want a WordPress plugin in your language?

Many users ask for translated versions of WPeMatico, WPeMatico Custom Hooks or other of our developed plugins.

We launch the plugins with the English and Spanish languages and we would like to continue to expand and maintain these languages. That’s why we invite you to be part of the translators. It’s very easy. currently hosts a web based translation tool that allows anyone to contribute translations for WordPress plugins hosted on

This method allows you to use the plugin in your language, and also helps other users to automatically use the plugin in their own language.

We think in gifts for translators who want to collaborate translating our plugins into other languages. You can create a support ticket if you are interested. 😉

In this tutorial we will explain how to translate a plugin in just 5 steps.

1.- Start contributing
To start contributing, you must select the language into which you want to translate.

2.- Select the sub-project to be translated.
In the list of subprojects you can see information about the translation status.

3.- Select and translate phrases or words.
On the translation screen, you will see a simple user interface with source text and text area to provide translation for specific words or phrases.

4.-Translation Status.
The translation will remain in a Waiting state until some editor approves it.

5.- Enjoy it
Finally, the translation will be ready and can be exported as a .po file.