We are pleased to share the news that WPeMatico, our WordPress autoblogging plugin, is reaching a historic goal for us: One million downloads! This achievement is a testimony to the unwavering support and trust of our incredible community. To commemorate this significant moment, we are launching the Million Downloads Month (MDM) celebration, all JUNE, a month-long filled with thrilling surprises, giveaways, events, upgrades and new product releases. We invite you to join us in commemorating this achievement and to revel in the festivities with us. Thank you for being a part of our success!

1. MDM Giveaway 🎁

MDM Giveaway will award 10 prizes on selected products available on discounted to $1.- Yes! Just One Dollar!

You can enter by filling out the entry form on the WPeMatico website and add up chances there! The more chances you add up, the more chances you have to win some of the prizes! To increase your chances of winning, you will have to complete some challenges like following us on our official social networks, inviting friends to the giveaway with the referral link, among other things that will appear.

The giveaways will take place every 3 days, starting with the lowest prize until you reach the biggest and most anticipated prize. An email will be sent to the winner of each drawing with a 99% discount code. The product will be $1.-. And we will publish the nickname winner in our oficial social media.

Check out the 10 Prizes!

  • 1. 3 (Three) Memberships ESSENTIALS
  • 4. Membership PREMIUM
  • 5. Membership PLUS
  • 6. WPeMatico Professional
  • 7. WPeMatico Professional
  • 8. WPeMatico Synchronizer
  • 9. WPeMatico Manual Fetching
  • 10. WPeMatico Better Excerpts

Participate in the Mega Giveaway Now!

2. New Addons:

a. WPeMatico Googlo News Campaign Type:

Introducing the new WPeMatico Googlo News Campaign Type addon.

It had been a long time since the search engine feeds had changed significantly and the feature built into the Professional Addon to get the original URLs of the sites for each news item was not being parsed correctly. So we redesigned the feature as an individual extension to revolutionize your URL parsing workflow and skip redirects to the original news item in each feed item retrieved.

This advanced tool is designed to streamline the intricate process of fetching content from Google News feeds for use with the WPeMatico Full Content Addon and the sites it supports.

With its intelligent parsing mechanism, the add-on meticulously dissects each News Feeds link, extracting and storing the direct URL to the original article in the custom meta field of each post fetched by WPeMatico. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with long or erroneous redirect links, ensuring seamless content retrieval.

One of the most outstanding features of this add-on is its ability to redirect post links directly to the original article URL. By avoiding intermediate redirects, the risk of broken links is minimized and the integrity of content sources is preserved making it more compatible with WPeMatico Sinchronizer as well.

In addition, the plugin has enhanced SEO features, optimizing the original URLs to improve search engine visibility. By avoiding unnecessary redirects, your content is more likely to rank better in search results, which will attract organic traffic to your site.

WPeMatico Googlo News Campaign Type plugin’s compatibility with other WPeMatico extensions further increases its versatility. It integrates seamlessly with all plugins, allowing for comprehensive content filtering, language translation and content modification.

As the original feature was inside Professional it will be made available to all our fabulous customers at a very cheap price and included FREE in all Memberships from ESSENTIALS onwards.

Learn more about this new addon HERE

b. WPeMatico RSS Feed Reader:

Stay ahead of the curve with the FREE WPeMatico RSS Feed Reader!

Introducing the WPeMatico RSS Feed Reader add-on, a powerful tool designed to powerful tool designed to simplify RSS feed integration and enhance RSS feeds and improve the display of content on your WordPress site. With this extension, you can effortlessly read and display the RSS feeds of your choice feeds you want without the need to generate new types of entries on your site.

It complements WPeMatico Campaign Type and takes advantage of its extensive range of flexible options. The wide range of flexible options it has to customize the user experience the way you want.
user experience in the way feed results are dynamically presented to your audience.

It sets maximum limits on the number of feed items displayed, ensuring optimal feed items displayed, ensuring optimal content management. Uses the get_the_content WordPress filter to dynamically change the content displayed in content displayed in each selected Custom Post Type, providing a personalized experience to your visitors.

In addition, WPeMatico RSS Feed Reader supports page templates, allowing you to select pre-existing pages by assigning the page template to display the template to display the feed content. This allows you to customize and choose from the default templates of the plugin or theme to seamlessly integrate the feed seamlessly integrate the feed content into your site design.

In addition, it also generates shortcodes using the campaign slug to insert the feed content anywhere on your site, from posts and pages to content posts and pages to custom content widgets.

For even more customization, the plugin offers the functionality of item feed template, which allows you to adapt the HTML structure of the feed elements to match your feed elements to match your site’s style and design preferencess of your site. It adjusts the visual components, layout and styles to create a cohesive and engaging user experience.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of the WPeMatico RSS Feed Reader plugin and elevate the presentation of your content to new heights on your WordPress.

Learn more about this new addon HERE

3. MDM Major Update: WPeMatico FREE 2.7 πŸ’‘

Enjoy now many improvements, many new features, better performance, stability and security throughout the plugin. We have been a long time without major changes, but we have always listened and paid attention to our users and customers, we have been adding their requests to implement… and now the time has come!

A new tools page you will find in the menu to group additional tools used for special situations and with a very interesting addition like exporting and importing general settings.

Explore new and interesting features, including a handy pop-up window for campaign logs, providing better layout and readability for easier analysis. Benefit from performance improvements, optimizing memory usage during campaign execution for faster and more efficient processing.

Improve your website’s SEO ranking with the addition of canonical links compatible with the main SEO plugins out there, and by ensuring that the canonical link of each post directs to the permalink of the source site. Enjoy greater flexibility with the allowed mimetypes, allowing you to upload media files that are not normally supported by the WP library.

For those who use the “FIFU” comes a very interesting new feature to add videos as “featured image”.

It also experiences many design and styling improvements, with small tweaks and replacement of gifs by native WordPress dashicons to improve performance.

To name them all would be almost impossible in such a short space, but instead of reading them here better enjoy them by upgrading your WPeMatico to the latest version to have the most fluid and efficient autoblogging experience.

Upgrade to FREE WPeMatico 2.7 NOW

4. MDM Major Update: WPeMatico Professional add-on 2.20πŸ’‘

With the Core Major Update was also mandatory the updated and compatible release of the most purchased extension: WPeMatico Professional.

With the latest version of our professional add-on suite you’ll have access to a host of new features, enhancements and optimizations designed to take your autoblogging efforts to new heights.

The Professional Addon adds everything from image treatments, advanced content filtering and scheduling options to seamless integration with popular third-party services such as SEO or FIFU among others. This way it allows you to unleash the full potential of WPeMatico like never before.

Take a look at its full potential HERE!

5. WPeMatico Essentials MONTHLY Membership πŸ’Ό

We added something we thought impossible! A monthly membership for ESSENTIALS. Yes! Monthly!

Many users asked us to be able to try before buying an annual subscription, so for all of them and on this occasion of the Million Downloads Month we have launched this special membership called WPeMatico Essentials Monthly that includes the WPeMatico Professional and Full Content addons.

With this benefit you will be able to have an affordable monthly outlay to keep your wallet under control and at the same time enjoy the two most used WPeMatico extensions!

But remember something else: At any time you can opt to upgrade to the Annual membership which includes a huge discount plus the Googlo News Campaign type plugin.

Get access to a lot of new features with content, images, tags, filters, custom fields and much more is extended in WPeMatico free plugin.

Get a Monthly Membership Now!

6. New PREMIUM membership with more extensions.

We are very pleased to announce a new membership called PREMIUM with a significant discount that includes 10 of the most used extensions in addition to our current Starter Memberships.

With WPeMatico take advantage of the most powerful features to automate your WordPress website. You get much more at the lowest price, as you pay for all of this at a discount of up to 60%, than buying each addon individually.

And best of all: You can upgrade from any minor membership already purchased while keeping the significant discount.

See all the details of the PREMIUM Membership!

Join us as we celebrate this historic goal and embark on the next chapter of the WPeMatico journey. Your continued support and feedback drives us to innovate and improve with each passing day on the Etruel development team. Here’s to a million more downloads and much more – together, let’s keep shaping the future of website content creation! πŸ₯‚πŸš€

-Esteban Truelsegaard (CEO & Founder)

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