Important update of wpematico facebook fetcher now compatible with graph api version 19. 0 - fbf update

Facebook Fetcher New Version

Are you ready to learn about the latest update of WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher and how to make Facebook posts? Well, you’re in luck! The popular addon for WPeMatico has released a new update last month that includes several new features and bug fixes. In this article, we’ll cover how the plugin works, its latest modifications, and the benefits of using Facebook Fetcher on your website.

Important Changes in this Update:

Meta has made changes to app permissions from version 19.0 of the Graph API. The publish_to_groups and groups_access_member_info permissions, and the ability for group admins to install apps on the group, have been deprecated. They said that these would be removed on April 2024.

With the implementation of this version, when creating a new app you will have to choose the App Type “Business” or “Consumer” if your goal is to fetch posts from pages where you are an administrator or from your user profile, however, it’s important to note that currently our Facebook Fetcher addon can only authenticate one App at a time.

Important update of wpematico facebook fetcher now compatible with graph api version 19. 0 - fb app type

Tips on how to use it.

Facebook Fetcher allows users to use a Facebook App created for their page or user profile. Users can add their Facebook app credentials to fill in the App ID and App Secret fields, choose the App type and click the Authenticate button in the Facebook Fetcher settings.

After selecting the Facebook Page or User Profile in WPeMatico Campaign, the Add-on will use the whole WPeMatico campaign data to obtain the content from Facebook to be published automatically. Users can also use the WPeMatico filters and parsers for the obtained content.

Facebook fetcher update


In conclusion, Facebook Fetcher is an excellent addon for WPeMatico that allows users to import Facebook posts and images into their WordPress site. With the latest update, users can now enjoy new features and improvements that make the plugin even better.

Get it easily on its page

If you’re interested in using Facebook Fetcher on your website, you can purchase a license and download it from the product page or from your member profile. This product is also included in the WPeMatico Perfect Membership.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or problems, you can consult our FAQs where you will find detailed information about Facebook Fetcher and how to create the Apps or configure the addon.

If after consulting the FAQs you still have doubts you can open a ticket in our support system and we will try to help you for FREE!

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