New major version wpematico 2. 4 - wpematico 240

We released version 2.4 of WPeMatico.

In this version there is an outstanding feature that is the new external cron process.
From now on we have deprecated the calling to the old file wpe-cron.php
We still have it to keep the compatibility backwards, but if you use external cron you would have to modify the call to the new URL that follows the WordPress standards.
We’ll keep it a few more weeks and we’ll announce in the administration screens that it will be removed.

This new process to run with cron follows strictly the WordPress standards, cancelling external calls to configuration files, improving performance and data processing for the execution of the campaigns.

So much in so little.

A major version composed of several minor versions.

Although it seems that there are no big changes because it is a major version, we have divided all the new features and fixes in several small releases.
This helps not to deal with all the changes together, reducing dramatically the error margins and the generation of bugs with their corresponding support tickets.

So many of the features listed below were added and several more that come in the following minor releases.


  • Added custom statuses to campaigns.
  • Improved from scratch external cron processes . If you use external cron, you should take a look at the new URLs in Configuration.
  • Improved insertion of tags and categories in messages.
  • Added possibility to add tags in the post type Topics of BBPress.
  • Resolves a problem when getting the source coding chrset
  • Solves a problem in the controls of duplicated by hash.
  • We changed the transient name from encoding_hosts to wpematico_encoding_hosts.
  • Increased transient cache time of encoding_hosts to 6 hours.
  • Improved security when saving data in all admin screens.
  • Fixes a reported vulnerability that was only available to users who could access the WPeMatico Settings screen.
  • Implementation of the sections by WordPress filters in the different tabs of the Settings.
  • Installed extensions are now showed in the plugins page in the row of the WPeMatico plugin.
  • Fixes some warnings on the Licenses page.
  • Fixes the Uncaught Error: Calling a get_columns() member function on the page…
  • Changed the constants printed in the debug file to a limited white list of them.
  • Fixes some problems with multiple alerts in the campaign edit js.
  • We fixed many bugs based on your feedback. Thanks for helping us out!
Take a look and download it from by clicking here!

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