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Hey, guys!

Nobody like spam. Right? Actually our newsletters are very infrequent. One or two every two months and just to announce good news 😉

Recently we released new versions of WPeMatico Free 2.3 version to keep maintaining and adding features to our (and your) best plugin ;-D

We will continue with periodic updates, improving and adding new features, but I also want to tell you about a new addon!  Awesome! 

For a long time several users came to us asking for these features, “Updating already imported feeds” -> a wordpress plugin that can import the feed and regularly update the content of the already imported pages. | Set up the campaigns to only update posts | overwrite existing post with new post (Latest content and date) with same title… and so on…

WOW, how sad to answer “Not yet…”, for so long, but we listen! and today we change the answer and currently we say “Now yes!”

Introducing the new WPeMatico Synchronizer.

New posts synchronizer! - wpematico synchronizer

Synchronizer is an add-on for WPeMatico that allows you to keep updated the content of the posts obtained by any feed, during the synchronization process this addon analyzes the content of the feed items and compares them, if different from the content of the post, it will be updated, including multimedia files, authors, categories and tags.

What is Synchronization?

Synchronization is a process that analyzes the items in the feed and compares them with your posts to determine if there was a change in the source.

The changes (edited, added and deleted) in the feed items will be synchronized. This means that, as an item is synchronized, your post will be updated by adding these new changes, so both articles will have the same content.

For more info take a look at the product page!

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