New major release: wpematico better excerpts 3. 0 - wbe30
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We want to tell you about our last release. If you work with WordPress you will be interested.

WPeMatico Better Excerpts already had the function to work for the old wordpress posts or for the new posts imported from WPeMatico campaigns. But it also works individually for standard WordPress posts with or without WPeMatico installed!

That’s why can be purchased to use it as an extension of WPeMatico or as individual plugin to significantly improve extracts from WordPress posts.

In this release we significantly improved the entire code structure and classes of the plugin to further improve stability and performance.

In addition to that we have added more than 7 new features, requested by our best customers and some totally unknown that are only necessary to really use WordPress in depth.

Take a look and follow the link to see them in more detail on its page.

  1. Limits the number of characters in excerpts.
  2. Defines end-of-paragraph characters.
  3. Excerpt as Post Content.
  4. Strip the HTML tags and shortcodes you don’t need.
  5. Strip (or not) all images tags <img> from the excerpt.
  6. Strip (or not) all anchors tags <a> from the excerpt.
  7. Excerpt Template, globally and by campaign.
  8. WPeMatico campaign can manage individual excerpt templates.
  9. Parse the content of all posts or only those created by WPeMatico.
  10. Show the excerpt instead of the content of the post in your theme.
  11. Parses the content excerpts only for feeds.
  12. Custom ‘Read More’ texts.
  13. Customized permalink redirections for ‘Read More’.
  14. Customized window target, Self or New Tab for ‘Read More’ link.

Look at the captures of the new screens to see all the additional features and options that it is using WPeMatico Better Excerpts.

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