Can the Professional version pull complete content?

The free version is pulling partial content, so can the Professional version pull the complete content? Is this something you can verify?

The free version works with the feed contents, whether they have partial or full content.

The Professional Add-on does not have the feature to take the full content. You may be confusing it with the PRO bundle package, which contains the Full Content and Professional add-ons.

When you use the Full Content Add-on, the plugin goes to the source site and takes the content from there.

This works well in most of the websites. In ajaxified sites will not work because the plugin can read the HTML loaded, but not the executed javascript.

If you are having problems with the pulled content, you can make a config file to “tell” the plugin where the article content is for each domain and to indicate which tags remain and/or strip. See

It’s based in xpath and there is some tutorials and examples inside Full Content Addon. But in most cases it’s not necessary.

If you want to be sure that a particular feed works with Full Content, you can send the feed URL to us and we’ll test it.