How does Word to Taxonomies work?

This tutorial describes and explains how to use the Word to Taxonomies feature, available in the Professional addon.

Activate the feature to use it

To use the Word to Taxonomies feature you must first activate it from WPeMatico Settings>Professional tab.

Sets a General Settings

Once activated you can create a general settings to assign the Posts Types to their respective taxonomies, depending on the keywords found in the title or content during the campaign execution.

Use a specific settings per campaign

In each campaign you can allow or skip these general settings, for example:

1.- First you must change the Post Type inside the campaign.

2.- Now, you can use the general settings of Word to Taxonomies together with a specific setting in a campaign.

3.- Or you can ignore that general settings and use an own one in each campaign.

Then, each time the campaign runs manually or automatically, the content or title of each item will be examined and the taxonomy corresponding will be assigned to the published Post (type) if any of the words entered is found.