WPeMatico Professional & XML Campaign Type

WPeMatico Addons extras for XML Campaign Type

The PRO version of WPeMatico and its addons work perfectly with this new feature and also add some extra functionalities. You can make a lot of combinations between all the features to get the results you need. Remember that WPeMatico PRO version includes the Professional addons and Full Content with a great discount.

The Professional addon also extends the capabilities of the free core when getting content from XML feeds.

WPeMatico Professional allows you to get the author, the categories, the tags and even the post format of the posts coming from the XML feed you are using, besides you can use its great variety of different options to configure the campaign as you wish. Let’s see some examples:

  • With the feature “Custom Feed Tags” you can get the values of other custom <tags> included in the feed.
  • Like an RSS feed, the option “Strip query variables in image URls” will allow you to remove query variables from images included in the XML file.
  • You can use the “Enable Custom Post title” option to edit the title of the posts and add some custom text.
  • The “Keyword Filters” will allow you to skip posts with words in their content or by words that are not in their content.
  • You will be able to use all the features of the addon Professional according to your needs.

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