We recently launched version 1.3.3 of  free and professional WpeMatico plugins. This version comes with several important improvements. Among them, you will find the “order by drag and drop” of the feeds to be consulted. This is an important upgrade, because it allows the user to set the order in which the new posts will be added when running a campaign.

We have eliminated the background colors of the meta boxes on campaign editing screen and we’ve added colours to the background of the titles. This is a very useful feature at the testing stage, that will allow you to find almost immediately, what you are looking for.

Screenshot (11)

Little by little, we are adding more and more help tips on the WordPress help tabs. On our latest upgrade, it was the turn of the post templates.

We are also continually improving the support tickets system for paid customers and free users alike. Please, note that the ticket system is TOTALLY FREE!

For users who require some sort of deeper support related with ours plugins, such as personalized customizations for websites or special development of WordPress codes or filters (among other features), we have added the Premium Support Service. Our Premium Support Service is immediately accessible after buying our product and creating a ticket.

Last but not least, we are creating the FAQ section with the most common questions asked by our users. There are few questions yet, because WPeMatico is really easy to use. Being our plugin continuously updated and improved, the users normally do not find problems or issues.

While we’re walking through all the upgrades stages of 1.3.x versions, we are already thinking on a fully improved WpeMatico 1.4 version updated to WordPress standards. Stay tuned 😉

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