A must-have update was released today for the WPeMatico Plugin: now version 1.8.1. Also, take a look at the new WPeMatico Cache to optimize the speed and performance of your websites!

WPeMatico 1.8.1

* Added “Find in title” option in the Words to Categories feature.
This option allows you to assign a category to the new post only if the word is found in the title of the source article.

* Tweaks in Campaign Control Panel behavior in new campaigns.
The Campaign Control Panel options have different behavior depending on the status of the campaign. In other words, when a campaign runs, the “Run Once” button turns green, and the “Start/Activate Campaign Scheduler” button changes permanently to red, indicating that the campaigns are active and scheduled to run on the date/time in red. The “Stop and Deactivate this Campaign” button is available to be clicked to stop the campaign. With “Reset Post Count”, you can reset all counters to zero and also delete the last campaign log (be careful, because there is no way to undo this). The “Delete Hash Code for Duplicates” button erases the hash code used by the duplicates control to allow fetching of the same posts; this is very useful to debug campaign behaviors to fetch the same posts multiple times until you get exactly what you want. And finally, the “See Last Log” button, as its name suggests, allows you to see a pop-up with the details of the last campaign fetch and the events for every post obtained .

* Fixed “Draft” status in new campaigns.
This was an issue that appeared in the last major 1.8 update.  It has been fixed in this version, and campaigns should no longer have the Draft status when they are saved.


WPeMatico Cache 1.4

* Added an option to delete all the cache from the front-end in the WordPress admin bar.
This option allows you to clear the cache of the entire website quickly and easily from the front-end; to see it, you must activate the “Enable Cache” option oin the WPeMatico Cache Settings page. If you can’t see it, you can update any post, and then the option will appear in the WordPress admin bar.

* A quick action “Clear Cache” was added to each row of the lists of cacheable post types to allow clearing the cache only for a particular post, page, etc.

Other minor changes were:

* Tweaks in the creation of cache for taxonomies pages.
* Tweaks in the license page, hiding the renewal links for lifetime licenses.
* Fixed version number after missing 1.3 in the previous release.


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