WPeMatico is a plugin for autoblogging. With its help you, can automatically create posts from the RSS/Atom feeds of your choice, and organize them into campaigns. The WPeMatico add-ons serve to increase and complement the functionalities of the plugin; through the diferent add-ons, we offer a better experience for users when extracting information from other sites, whether they are WordPress or not.

Can you imagine getting the free core + 5 add-ons with over 35% off by purchasing a single package?

You don’t have to wait any longer. After a thorough analysis and selection of the most requested features among the bestselling add-ons, we have decided to combine everything and create a Premium Package.

As we mentioned above, this package consists of the free core + 5 essential add-ons: WPeMatico Professional, Full Content, Better Excerpts, Make me Feed Good and Categories 2 Tags . All of these add-Ons contain unique and important features, and this premium package offers them all. We’d like to share some of them here:

  • Feeds and options are organized into campaigns
  • Multiple feeds/categories/tags
  • Supports Multifeeds, paginated RSS feeds
  • External cron or WordPress cron jobs
  • Import the URL feed list into a campaign
  • Import and export multiple campaigns
  • Make excerpts with first post content sentence and other filters
  • Create nicer, better excerpts in front-end and also in feed contents
  • Creator of RSS 2.0 feeds from external page indexes
  • Unlimited pages of feeds from different sites as any type of WordPress custom post   with own template
  • Auto-generate tags from categories read in the feed

On the Starter Packages page, you can see a table with simple descriptions and the most frequently asked questions about prices and licenses.

You can find more details on each product page.


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