Wpematico googlo news addon
Googlo News addon allows to parse each Google News feeds item’s link, simplify the content fetch workflow by reducing redirections and preserving the authenticity of the original news sources.
Parse each Google News link
Automatically extract and store the direct link to the original article in the WPeMatico meta, avoiding long or erroneous Google links.
Links to source
The post links are redirected directly to the original article’s link, avoiding at least 2 or 3 intermediate redirects, avoiding broken links.
Enhanced SEO
Original URLs are more search engine friendly. Avoiding unnecessary redirects can contribute to a better ranking in search results.
Canonicals URL support
The canonical URLs inside each post go to the original article site, so SEOs do not detect that they come from Google News sources.
Full Content compatibility
Compatible with the Full Content addon to bring content (in most cases) from the original sites.
Compatible with all addons
Allows important filters on the content, such as translating it into other languages or modifying content parts and everything that our extensions allow.
  • PHP 7.0+
  • WordPress.
  • WPeMatico FREE installed and activated.