WPeMatico 1.5

After several weeks of work, we were finally able to publish the new version of WPeMatico along with the Professional and Full Content extensions.
We’ve fixed several issues reported by our users and customers, and we are also starting to implement several filters and new, important features that are unique to WPeMatico, making version 1.5 the best version yet.

Among the new features, we can highlight taking the slug from the permalink source, something that improves SEO considerably. And also that the Strip links function doesn’t delete the links from the iframes, deleting some videos in the process. Now you can choose where to delete from, and where not to. [Read more]

Better Excerpts 2.0!!!

We launched the first AddOn that also works on an individual basis for standard Wordpress posts!

The new Better Excerpts 2.0 works with or without WPeMatico! That’s why can be purchased for use as an extension of the WPeMatico or as exclusive use to significantly improve the excerpts of Wordpress entries.

But this is only one of the new features, we did it completely from scratch to improve stability and performance…

And take a look on how good that from now, if you use it together with the WPeMatico, you can give to each campaign its individual settings for the excerpts saved with the imported posts.

wpematico facebook fetcher

August News!

Hello there!
We’re a few weeks behind with the update because we keep growing and growing!! And now, we have lots of news for our community of users using WPeMatico and the other WordPress plugins!
Look for some discount coupons in the text!! (hurry before their expires)

Some news:
We’re now “https”
New FAQ and tutorials
Improvements to the support system
Improvements to user accounts
Credit cards + PayPal

News in Plugins!

NEW: WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher 1.0
NEW: WPeMatico Thumbnail Scratcher 1.0
WP Delete Post Copies v5.0.
WP Delete Oldest Posts 2.0
WPeMatico Version
WPeMatico Professional 1.3.8
WPeMatico Better Excerpts 1.5
WPeMatico Make Me Feed 1.3

Make me Feed “Good” Add-on

It was named this new Addon parodying “Make me feel good”! Finally born Make me Feed Good. A new plugin to create your own feeds!

WPeMatico will use the results of this Addon almost without limits! That can be created from external websites.. Yes! Any website that is displayed in the HTML standard with DOM elements and CSS attributes “class” or “id” can be read by the plugin and create your own feed with external content.

It’s incredibly easy!

At the end as a launch promotion for all people, a discount coupon valid until end of June by a 20% OFF! Use the code MMFLAU20 to get the discount. Find other offers in the note.

New add-on: WPeMatico Publish 2 Email

Publish 2 Email allows to send the read posts from each campaign to an email account.
This Add-on allows to use WPeMatico from a Wordpress website and to send the fetched posts from each campaign to an email account. Each campaign allows sending content to different email accounts. Therefore, it can post from a unique website with WPeMatico plugin to many different Wordpress websites.

  • As it does not post locally, it improves the performance and reduces the server load in both websites.

Find a Discount Coupon code in this note!